Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

It was February, 1945
Allied troops had fought their way to the edge of Germany.
It was cold - bitter cold ---  and wet ---and miserable.
But the troops moved forward, gaining ground, inch by inch foot by foot.
Now it was necessary to cross a flooded river
intentionally flooded by the enemy.
Joyce's brother Will was in the combat engineers
and it was their responsibility to bridge that flooded river
under enemy fire
The river eventually was crossed and troops continued to move toward the Rhine
But Will wasn't with them
He was a casualty, mortally wounded doing his job the best he could.
His grave lies in a Netherlands American cemetery along with thousands of others
who died serving their country the best they could
striving to free the world of war.
We look across the expanse of the Margraten cemetery and realize that so many died
not in vain
but because they loved peace
They are not forgotten
Their sacrifice lives on
Rest in Peace

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